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World Hepatitis Day presents a golden opportunity to show you care about how hepatitis B and hepatitis C effects people in Australia.

Every effort, big or small helps.

Whether you conduct a local community event, put up some posters in your workplace or simply talk to your friends and family it all helps to raise awareness and share some of the good news about viral hepatitis.

The good news in Australia is:

Hepatitis C can now be cured in 8 to 12 weeks by taking new antiviral medicines.

Hepatitis C medicines are available via your GP and are PBS listed to make them low cost.

There is a highly effective vaccine to prevent hepatitis B.

Regular liver health checks and treatment when appropriate means people with hepatitis B can live a healthy life.

We would love to hear about how you help

If you are conducting an event or doing something a little smaller then (if you would like) we can pop it up on this website.
Just complete the form below to tell us about how you are helping.

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To view information about viral hepatitis in other languages please visit the Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service