Testing for hepatitis

Testing for hepatitis B or hepatitis C involves having specific blood tests done, which you can ask your doctor to order.

Don’t assume your doctor has already tested you for hepatitis. These tests are not part of the usual blood tests ordered by your doctor.

Before you have the tests, the doctor or nurse will usually discuss the implications of any test results (positive or negative) with you before they order the blood tests. There are two type of blood tests conducted:

  1. The first test checks for hepatitis antibodies, to see if you have ever come into contact with a hepatitis virus. If this test comes back positive it means you have had the hepatitis virus in you body at some point - but does not mean you currently have hepatitis.

  2. If the first test comes back positive a second test is done to see if there is any hepatitis virus in your blood. This is the test that will determine if you are living with hepatitis.

Testing for hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be slightly different so we recommend checking the more detailed information using the buttons below.