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HEP CURED Mobile Mural

The HEP CURED mobile mural takes the successful state-wide hepatitis C treatment awareness raising campaign on the road, literally, across NSW to promote the game-changing treatments that cures hepatitis C in up to 98% of cases.

Mr Steven Drew, Hepatitis NSW CEO, said, “The HEP CURED campaign, which launched in July 2021, is designed to prompt interest in hepatitis C testing, treatment, and cure.”

Once considered a chronic condition with life threatening health impacts, hepatitis C is now easily cured with new effective and affordable treatments. Despite this, tens of thousands of people in NSW are living with the virus and remain unaware of these game-changing treatment options and pathways.

“The HEP CURED Mobile Mural aims to get the message out there for everyone to see and encourage them to live their best life,” said Mr Drew.

The campaign does this by using simple messaging and strong imagery to promote the availability and effectiveness of cures for hepatitis C. The core message of the campaign instils a sense of connection with loved ones, or significant others.

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The HEP CURED Mobile Mural will be tracked by, and can be followed on, our social media (Twitter: @HepatitisNSW | Instagram: @hepatitis_nsw | Facebook: HepNSW), documenting events stops and activities along the way using #hepcured, #mobilemural.

The full itinerary is also advertised on our Events Calendar >>>CLICK HERE.

For images of the HEP CURED Mobile Mural >>>CLICK HERE.

For more information about HEP CURED>>>CLICK HERE

July 28, 2022 at 4:00pm - August 27, 2022