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World Hepatitis Alliance: Virtual Global Relay

Join World Hepatitis Alliance's virtual global relay across all  social media channels by submitting a 30 second video explaining what the elimination of viral hepatitis means to you.

Follow these steps to take part:

  1. Create your video message as an individual or group. Keep to 30 seconds long.
  2. Send your video recording to WHA with your preferred social media handle (optional) at [email protected] so that we can add any branding/graphics, tag yourselves and share them on our social media channels.
  3. Share your video on social media using #WHDRelay
  4. Share our posted content across your social media channels wherever possible.
  5. Explore, interact with and track posts throughout the day to continue the conversation.

Find out more. 

July 28, 2023 at 12:00am - July 29, 2023